Medical Journal of Australia – Ian Gawler case study

What’s this?  Case report in the December 2008 edition of the Medical Journal of Australia, written by Prof. George Jelinek and Dr Ruth Gawler. It is a 30 year follow up of the remarkable recovery of Dr Ian Gawler who conquered serious cancer through meditation, diet and loving support.
A 1978 case report in the Journal by Dr Ainslie Meares described a 25-year-old man with disseminated osteogenic sarcoma whose metastases regressed after treatment with diet and intensive meditation. Thirty years later, there has been no recurrence of his cancer, and a recent pneumonectomy for chronic bronchiectasis revealed mature cancellous bone in the resected lung. The man is otherwise well. (MJA 2008; 189: 663-665)

> Read Dr Meares’ original case study

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